Humanity won't be happy till the last bureaucrat is hung with the guts of the last capitalist

by He Can Jog

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Lyrics, vocals and ukulele by Kory Burrell from The Watcher:

Contains sounds based on a recording of a tape loop by C. Reider.

Computer & rummaging by Erik Schoster


released December 18, 2015



Track Name: Scraping the edge (feat. Dogwood Last)
Snow iced life lie in dormancy
Frozen ground,
what's born beneath?

I'm scraping the edge, the fissure calls
faint but "un-fractured," warm, and tall

I'm callusing,
I fog the scene,
misplacing me,
as I grow on.

Clipping bliss,
I fall in this depressive kiss,
I wanted to be strong.

My burdens, my burdens, my burdens
are not yours to hold.

"So settle up!”
I said enough,
So fuck the luck.
I decide from here

I don't want to be another watcher,
'Cause apathy’s the least of what I need

Now I'm clearing up, I'm clearing out.
As I frame the past as it's supposed to be