by He Can Jog

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Riverbells 22:27


These are some relatively raw recordings made for a forthcoming album on JMY. This is a mostly unedited recording session conducted in two spots by the Mississippi river: by the river edge sitting on the levy, and further upstream near an observation station where I could block out the wind a little better.

I brought the glockenspiel and bells with a cassette recorder and a binaural recorder (not pictured) to collect some gestures I'll probably use in the JMY album. The recordings were made simultaneously, this mix is simply the two lined up to my reference claps & snaps, with some noise reduction applied to the tape part and a bit of light compression and limiting.

Like everything here please feel free to sample / reuse / etc as you like. <3


released July 18, 2021




He Can Jog Winona, Minnesota

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